Sähköneliö maintains and repairs your electrical systems and equipment

We offer maintenance and repair service for

-Electrical switchboards and control centres, residual-current circuit breakers (we also replace components)
-Fire alarm systems
-Electrical systems for water supply facilities
-Electrical systems for swimming pools
-Smoke extraction systems
-Emergency signs and lights
-Electrical systems for refrigeration equipment
-Frequency converters, soft starters and logistics systems
- Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices
- Capacitors

We offer design, acquisition and installation services for all these systems, including measurements and guidance related to their commissioning. We also provide continuous, regular maintenance services.

Our electrical maintenance services include the following:

- Assessments of a property’s electrical installations
-Operation management services for properties
-Maintenance service contracts for properties’ electrical systems
-Measurement services, using our own measurement devices, also for antenna and information networks
-measurements for optic fibres
- Motor assessments with a motor analyser, including motor-specific condition reports

Contact us
Mr Sami Päivä, tel. +358 50 5661876



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